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Three types of e-Module


Synchronous e-Module

This type of e-Module is very effective. Virtual class rooms are the perfect places to teach this type of E-learning modules. Through being online the students interact and collaborate with their virtual teacher or instructor all at the same time.  This type requires messaging, video conferencing and chat. The students development are being evaluated through analysis of their performance by analyzing the recorded and interactions that they did during their online conference. 


Asynchronous e-Module

this type of modules are provided in a CD ROM's. They have the privilege to finish the course or the module on their own pace. thus, this type depends on the flexibility and availability of the learners.

Blending e-Module

This type is a combination of the two (Synchronous and Asynchronous e-module). meaning they do engage with the Virtual class room conferences and other supplementary modules that they need to complete on their own pace.