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 Steps on Creating Your e-Module using PowerPoint

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint Program.

Step 2: Choose a template

            there are several templates that you can choose from. this would depend on the mood and feel of your module. choosing the template is very easy just click on the design button and clicked on your preferred template.

Step 3: Content

           this step concerns the part were you introduce or embed the topic that you want your audience to learn.

Step 4: Layouts

           this concerns the visual aspect of your module. from the fonts, images, colors and other visuals that would make your module more interesting and more pleasing to the eye.On Creating links. Click inside of a text box on the slide you want to contain a link. Select text or an object you want your link connected to.

Step 5: Test Run

           This is the part were you have to test if all of your links are working. in making links clic

Step 6: Save your file