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 Nowadays, Many Colleges and Universities are much known for being technologically inclined thus, the syllabus and modules that they are using for learning are in e-module format. In the case of some school, such advancements are delayed or not yet been introduced or familiar with the changes in terms of technological upgrades since they are still in use of the so called traditional text books and other conventional learning modules.

 Years from now traditional use of books would be turned into the so called Electronic modules and when that time comes people especially students should learn to adapt with the changes and advancements. On some point if we are able to adapt with such technologies and changes it would be an economic and global edge. Though some Colleges and Universities within CALABARZON have started dealing with such changes thus, there is a more need for us to be knowledgeable with such to catch up and compete with their skills.


    Thus, I wanted to produce a learning aid object on how to make an electronic module in the form of an electronic-module. The e-module would include texts and animations that would explain the concepts on how to make an electronic module. Through the e-module, it is guaranteed that the student would have the privilege to learn and grasp the lesson in his/her own pace whenever he/she feels comfortable and ready to tackle the lesson. There is no pressure.